Membership of ASPAH brings a multitude of benefits

 Association with a broad network of people with a passion for and involvement in the performing arts

 Access to resources for professional development and healthcare information specific to performing artists

 Receive regular news about local, regional and national performing arts healthcare events

 Professional listing on ASPAH’s online Directory of Members

 Discounted registration for ASPAH conferences and other events

 Free advertising in ASPAH bi-monthly e-newsletters

 Opportunity to run local events

 The right to vote and hold office in the Society (for full members only)

  Optional discounted annual subscription to Medical Problems of Performing Artists (

2021 Membership Categories

A healthcare professional delivering or interested in the health care of performing artists

Join us and share your knowledge and experience, learn from your colleagues and help develop the best healthcare models and information for all those involved in the perfroming arts

A teacher or educator of performing artists (or any age or level) or healthcare providers

Joins us and learn from the healthcare professionals, tell us what your students or artists need, contribute to the development of arts healthcare and ensure your students are aware of ASPAH’s services

A performing artist or student in the arts

Help us spread the word about the specific needs of performing artists and all those involved, tell us what artists need or problems you have encountered, find suitable healthcare providers who can help you, learn more about all aspects of healthcare that could help you in your career.

Technical and support workers involved in the performing arts industry

Often overlooked are those behind the scenes who support the ones we see! ASPAH membership gives you a voice to raise physical, psychological and general health concerns for those backstage, learn how to better look after yourself and find healthcare providers who can help you.