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CONCESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: is for full time students, members of affiliate organisations and holders of an Australian Commonwealth Pensioner or Health Care Card.

*UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: are required to verify their student status before completing their membership application.

  • Step 1: Email your name and a copy of your student ID card to
  • Step 2: You will receive an “acceptance of undergraduate student status” message
  • Step 3: Complete your membership application at the undergraduate student rate.



The availability of print copies of MPPA is currently under review due to issues of environmental and financial sustainability. Until a decision is made regarding the continuation of print journals from 2020, this membership option will not be available through ASPAH.


MPPA Subscription included in some membership categories refers to the journal Medical Problems of Performing Artists, a peer-reviewed medical journal that provides a worldwide forum for professionals involved in practice and research related to performing arts medicine. Subscriptions to this journal can be a valuable inclusion in membership, giving you access to the latest research in the field of performing arts healthcare.

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