The Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare would like to publicly acknowledge the extraordinary service that Ausdance National has given to the dance community in Australia over the past 42 years.

It was originally founded as the Australian Association for Dance Education in 1977 and since that time has consistently fought for the support of dance artists and dance companies of all genres, arguing that small and experimental companies and short-term projects are integral to the development of the arts in Australia as flagship companies. We are greatly saddened that the economic uncertainties of Government support have resulted in Ausdance National winding up due to, according to The Age newspaper, the inability to “secure sustainable financial support”. Ausdance National has also provided extraordinary leadership and advocacy for dance health and wellbeing at both amateur and professional levels, setting ethical standards in both teaching and performance practices, as well as researching and publishing guides on safe dance and career transitioning. While the Ausdance network will continue through state organisations it remains of concern that, without reliable Government support, the dance sector in Australia does not have the capacity to fund its own advocacy body.


Dr Mark Seton, Vice President, ASPAH