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Help Your Show Go On -Help Your Show Go On

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‘Help Your Show Go On’ is a project designed to bring key aspects of health literacy and performance-specific healthcare to tertiary performing arts students in Australia. Issue 1 of ‘Help Your Show Go On’ is a booklet tailored for musicians which covers health topics such as rest and recovery, sustainable practice, general fitness, and performance-specific healthcare.

It is our goal that by presenting accessible, concise and engaging information to performing arts students, we will contribute to increased health literacy amongst young performing artists, and cultural change which decreases stigma in seeking healthcare as a performing artist. We understand that whilst history sometime glorifies “suffering for our art” – a healthy artist produces great work and can enjoy life to its fullest. We know that many health issues in the performing arts – physical and mental – are preventable, and we’re here to help prevent them.

If you’re interested in getting involved with ‘Help Your Show Go On’ at your institution, please contact us at

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