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Performing Arts Healthcare Practitioner Interviews

Why and how do they care for performing artists?

This is an evolving series of interviews with healthcare providers in various disciplines (General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, and so on), each serving one or more artistic disciplines – music, dance, drama.

In each of these interviews, Dr Mark Seton goes ‘backstage’ to learn what attracts these professionals to help artists, asking:

  1. What sparked your first interest in performing arts medicine?
  2. How did you get more involved in helping performing artists with their health?
  3. What types of ailments have you treated? What’s more challenging to treat?
  4. What are the significant health issues for artists that you often face?
  5. When do you often see artists – and would you like to see them sooner?
  6. What are some of the ‘traps’ that you see performers falling into in regard to their health and wellbeing?
  7. What might be some tips you’d recommend to artists to look after themselves?

Episode 1

Episode 3

Episode 5

Episode 2

Episode 4

Episode 6

Watch this space for more interview to come!

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