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Rachael, Monash and Ellis

November 12, 2017 Performers' Perspectives

What area of the performing arts do you work/study in? (Right to Left): I’m Rachael. I play piano and percussion, and I’m in my final year studying to be a classroom music teacher. I’m Monash. I’m a flute player. I’ve completed my BMus and I’m doing a Grad Dip in Secondary Education. My name is […]

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Jo Lagerlow: flautist, musician, teacher, researcher

I presented my research at ASPAH in 2015. I was identifying the most common postural issues in children learning music and finding what cues and strategies we could give these kids to help them improve. Unsurprisingly, the research shows that if you tell kids about this stuff, they do improve, unless they really don’t care. […]

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