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Interview with Dancer, Amber Scott – Staying Healthy and Connected during COVID-19

We chatted to ASPAH Ambassador Amber Scott about how COVID-19 has affected her. She discusses her thoughts on the crisis and shares ideas and strategies for performing artists to stay healthy and connected. How has the coronavirus crisis affected you as a professional performing artist so far? The immediate change was a sudden stop of […]

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Counting the cost of losing Ausdance National

August 9, 2019 Dance

The Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare would like to publicly acknowledge the extraordinary service that Ausdance National has given to the dance community in Australia over the past 42 years. It was originally founded as the Australian Association for Dance Education in 1977 and since that time has consistently fought for the support of […]

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Ambassador Interview: Amber Scott (Australian Ballet)

May 28, 2017 Ambassador, Dance

ASPAH Ambassador Amber Scott of The Australian Ballet discusses her career and performing arts healthcare. 1. How did you get involved in the performing arts? Why did you decide to pursue a profession in the performing arts? I never felt like I made a conscious choice to become a ballerina. Dancing has always been part […]

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