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    Where we should send correspondence, including your copies of Medical Problems of Performing Artists (if applicable).
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    This is the address we will use should you agree to be in our online directory of members (see below). You can leave these fields blank if you wish.
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    Please enter at least one contact phone number in the "Home" Phone field. The "Business" Phone field is the phone number we would publish if you choose to be listed in our online directory (see below).
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  • Would You Like to Be Included in ASPAH's Online Directory of Members?

    Would you like to be included in ASPAH's Online Directory of Members? If you are someone who is already helping performing artists, or are in a position to do so, ASPAH would like to have your permission to publish some of your details on this site as part of a searchable database. This would allow people visiting the site to search for someone they can ask for help. The fields we would publish are your Name, Business Address, Business Phone, Email, Website and the description of qualifications and services you listed in the question above.
  • Journal Subscription

    ASPAH Members can access the scientific journal Medical Problems of Performing Artists. Please indicate below if you would like to receive a subscription to the journal with your honorary membership.
  • Dancetrain Magazine

    Regular ASPAH Members receive a free one-year subscription to Dancetrain Magazine as part of a partnership with ASPAH. Please indicate below if you would like to receive this free subscription as part of your honorary membership.
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