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2020 Abstract Submission Educator and Practitioner Insights

Structured abstracts must be no longer than 300 words (in English) and should not include references. Please provide information under the following headings, ensuring that there is no identifying information included in this text, such as author details.

Title: Provide the title for your abstract (maximum 15 words)

Background and purpose: Identify the specific question you set out to answer. Describe the type of performers you worked with (e.g., early career musicians, adolescent dancers), and the background factors that may be implicated in the problem you want to address (e.g., training methods, physical anomalies, or fatigue).

Methods: Describe the group of performing artists you worked with, what you did, and the body of literature that your approach is based upon and how your approach differs from others.

Results or Main Contribution: Describe what you did with the performing artist(s), in enough detail to differentiate your approach from others and to allow others with similar training to replicate your approach. Describe the outcome of your approach, along with any subjective or objective measures you used to support your assessment.

Implications: Describe the relevance of the knowledge imparted in this presentation to others who work in a similar capacity with performing artists, and any wider applicability. Describe any implications for further research.

  • Provide the title for your abstract (maximum 15 words)
  • Enter your abstract here, following the instructions closely and using all specified sub-headings provided above. (Maximum 300 words)
  • If your presentation reports the results of a controlled health care intervention, please list your trial registry, along with the unique identifying number (e.g. Trial registration: Current Controlled Trials ANZCTR73824458)
  • Insert 3 – 6 keywords representing the main content of the article (these are usually words not already in your title).
  • Your selection/s will determine how your abstract is allocated to a reviewer. Please select no more than 3 streams.
  • Please list any additional presenters (if applicable), following the format for the presenter listed above and starting a new line for each presenter: Prefix FirstName LastName, Affiliation/Institution
  • Please list all other authors (if applicable), following the format for the presenting author and starting a new line for each author: Prefix FirstName LastName, Affiliation/Institution
  • Please provide an email address for communication regarding the outcome of this abstract submission.
  • Include a biography of the presenting author/s (100 words max). For the purposes of clarity please avoid using abbreviations.
  • ASPAH fosters performing arts medicine research by supporting research students undertaking studies in an Australian University to present at the conference. Each year a limited number of Career Development Awards will be granted to the highest calibre abstract submissions from students. This award can be used to assist with travel and accommodation costs (up to a total of $500) associated with the recipient's attendance and presentation at the Brisbane conference. If you are a postgraduate research student and would like to be considered for this award, please indicate your interest by checking the box and entering the relevant details below.
  • (CDA Applicants Only)
  • Please indicate the degree you are currently enrolled in and your student number (CDA Applicants Only).

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