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Our Mission Statement

ASPAH recognises that all performing artists, young and old, amateur and professional, have unique needs that may not be met by standard models of healthcare.

Therefore it promotes:

  • Accessible high-quality holistic healthcare for all performing artists;
  • Education for health workers, teachers, performers and students to improve health and wellbeing;
  • Research across disciplines relevant to the health and wellbeing of performing artists;
  • A culture of lifelong preventative healthcare and safety practices for performing artists and performing arts institutions;
  • Multidisciplinary discourse among health professionals, educators and performing artists;
  • Increased community awareness of performing arts healthcare issues.

Our Vision Statement

ASPAH will serve nationally and internationally as the peak body in Australia for the promotion of holistic healthcare for all in the performing arts industry.


  • Instrumentalists and vocalists from all musical styles and traditions
  • Dancers: Ballet, contemporary, commercial, musical theatre and independent artists
  • Actors: Stage, television and film
  • Circus and physical theatre performers
  • Technical crews

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